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some notes..


Date: April 30,2001. Venue: National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. Occasion: Conclusion of the month-long painting exhibition. Theres anticipation in the air. The gallery is packed with connosieurs of art and literature. They have all gathered to listen to their favourite poet Gulzar recite his poems. As the kurta clad writer-director-poet takes his stance on the podium theres pindrop silence. Soft-spoken and shy, Gulzar right at the outset tells the rapt audience that the moment you start coughing Ill know I have to stop. And then goes onto mesmerise the audience with his select poems which include Dastak, Diary and Tako. As usual, his poems sensitively bring forth the images of everyday happenings in the most simple manner impressing one and all. SCREEN,the film weekly reproduced random pages from the poets diary. Courtesy Screen, we are reproducing them .


'So many summers, and I lived them too.' This line from Norman MacCraig's poem 'So Many Summers', seems to be a reflection of my mind today. Needless to say, both my mind and body have traversed many a distance, mentally and physically, but there are no regrets, no moments that I would not want to relive.

The most exciting moments in my life, even more than the release of my films, have been when I have seen my poetry in print.


"This may surprise you but I never wanted to work in films. I dreamt of a teacher's job, since that would give me room for my twin loves, reading and writing. The, destiny brought about a strange turning point in my life.


Haath chhute bhee toh rishte naahi chhoda karte,
Vaqt ki shaakh se lamhe naahi toda karte.
(Even the hand you held has slipped away, you don't break the bonds, you don't sever a moment from the branch of Time).


Why do relationships fascinate you so much?
Aren't human relationship the essence of life? It's not unusual. If one is aware and alive, then it is one's relationships that make you live. It makes life worth living.


Out of Order

Who knows what is
What is jammed ?
The night wont's close,
The day won't open


It's very frustrating to make a film that takes long to make because you lose the fever. It's important to remain feverish and that's why my films don't take more than a year

Asha was like Neil Armstrongs companion in the space rocket that touched the moon. After Lataji touched down on the moon, Ashaji could only be the second one to get there.


An a poem by Gulzar

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